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All professions are welcome!
Take advantage of your network and start selling now.

What is


Be Your Own Dealer (BYOD) is an incredible initiative by WoW Auto, offering anyone the ability to lease or finance vehicles in a similar way to established dealerships.

You can start small, simply by renting / financing cars to family members, co-workers, friends, or anyone else in your circle of acquaintances. However, as you acquire more experience and confidence you can expand your sphere of influence to your community or your city. The possibilities and endless.

What are you waiting for?

This is your opportunity to make a second stream of income without having to risk your hard-earned money. Sign up today, and help yourself, and the people in your community, to overcome these difficult times.

How to sign up?

Starting your own business has never been easier. The only documentation that you will need to prepare is:

  • Your ID
  • Social number
  • Fill out the W-9 form

Once you have everything ready, submit it via email or call simply us, and we will get the enrollment process started.

What about training?

We will have an onboarding team that will guide each new BYOD member when they join the team. Afterward, you will receive a detailed explanation concerning the sales pitch. Moreover, each BYOD member will also be provided with proper tools in order to assist them in promoting themselves confidently in this wonderful project. Among these tools are Business Cards, necessary apparel, and complete access to our inventory as well as the price list. This way, you can start offering vehicles to your network anytime you decide to.

Best of all, our expert team will work side by side with each BYOD member to support them in closing deals and with the strengthening of customer relations.
Although it’s up to each BYOD member how much they want to participate in the sales process, we have high expectations regarding customer service, as BYOD members represent WOW Auto, and as such, they have to deliver the best experience possible.

How much can I earn as a member of the BYOD program?

The members of the BYOD program can expect to earn commission, payable four weeks after a deal closes.